Sunday, 30 June 2013

Grey Knights - DreadKnight WIP

Spent a few hours tonight working on my DreadKnight. He's not done, but he's getting there.

First thing first, his sword, which i'm very happy with

As you can see, i went just like what most people do, but with a small twist ; i highlighted the spot near the blade pure white, to give it a different effect. I think the final result is very good, especially on such a big surface.

Next, i worked on the NMM on the black part. I don't really like to call it NMM, since i'm not trying to copy any metal color, but its the best description i can give it.

It's still very dark, but i think its working allright ; it help pick out details from a distance. Up close, its not that impressive, but i'm not aiming at Golden Daemon anyway so...

And the final look ;

Red is obviously not finished, but its the only red that will be on the model.

Exhaust will be painted differently. I'm thinking brighter, maybe with a blue "burnt" effect

Lots of details left to do, but so far it's very fun to paint.

Next up will be some detailing, maybe some Gold.

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