Monday, 24 June 2013

Grey Knights - 3 Amigos' armor done!

Got quite alot done this weekend despite my wife working and taking care of the daughters 24/24 ; I painted the armor on both dreadnought and the dreadknights.

So far, i'm really happy with the result, and it's gonna be pretty impressive to see everything looking like a true army.

Dreadknights isnt glued yet, and contemptor weapon are magnetized.

Dreadknight is gonna be a pretty big challenge ; everything that is black will be highlighted like my bolter. That's ALOT of surface to cover, but i think its gonna look awesome once finished.... at least i hope.

So far, the flamer is glued there, but the right hand, and left ranged weapon is gonna be swappable... i think. Right now, nothing is glued ; the termi body, the upper Dreadknight body and its legs are 3 different part that i'll paint separately. (Armor plating on the legs as well, obviously).

The purple shade look alot better on such a large model. Pretty happy with the highlight, i think for once i did it nearly perfectly.

Contemptor is definately a nice model, especially compared to the boxy Dreadnought that i just do not like at all...

So that's the progress so far. The next thing is gonna be painting the black part... welll... black on the contemptor, then starting on the highlight on all 3. Then the gold NMM.... then, it'S probably gonna be christmas!

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