Wednesday, 1 January 2014

And then... Cavalry!

Almost feel like i'm planning to play Bretonnia. For the past, oh, two weeks, i been painting horse. Yes, horse. Not sure if anyone know how boring they are to paint or how i hate painting horse, but, i had to, so i been painting non-stop 20 of the new Dark Elves horses.

Quite frankly, i'm almost starting to enjoy painting them, as i've found a nice way to paint them, and actually make them look decent from a distance, and up close. 10 Dark Riders and 10 Warlocks. That's roughly 500 pts off my list i need to paint. Once those are finished, they'll go join the Cauldron, the Sorceress and the 20 Witches already completed. I'm tempted to add the Kharibdyss to the painted list, but i'm not 100% happy about him yet.

Before showing picture, lets talk about the idea behind thems. I basically had two goal ;
#1 : they had to follow the limited palette used for the rest of the army. So far, so good ; The horse skin is using grey which is also used on my Witches and Cauldron metal, and purple, which is used on my Witches hair and jewelry.
#2 : it had to be simple, but still looking good. It's not 100% perfect, but quite frankly, it been awhile since i had a model with such color transition that actually looked good.

As you can see, i started with a pretty much grey scale horse, and added purple to the horse. Then i finished him with white hair, to go with the Witches and eventually the Warlocks/Dark Rider's hair.

The final result is pretty nice imho, especially the pure white eyes, which make them really... weird, in a good way.

Obviously, it isnt finished yet ; i still need to paint the front plate, the harness, the hoof, the gum, the rider's legs...

But there's so many of them

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