Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to pick a warhammer fantasy army (part 2)

Today I’ll talk about picking one of the warhammer armies, depending if you’re a painter or a gamer. First part can be found here ; http://enkiel.blogspot.ca/2014/01/how-to-pick-warhammer-fantasy-army-part.html

Ogre Kingdoms
Mine, Miiiiiiiiiiiine!

For the painter, Ogre Kingdoms are interesting because they have a lot of flat surfaces, and their number isn’t too high, so you can really spend a lot of time on each model and still finish the army within a respectable timeframe.

For the gamer, Ogre Kingdoms are pretty much straightforward. You basically just charge forward, and hope your opponent doesn’t have any “test or die” type of spell (especially purple sun). They are a beast in close combat, and have the second best cannon in the game (1st being, of course, the skullcannon)

Orcs & Goblins
Makes me realize, i really do have too many armies!

For the painter, Orcs and Goblins are interesting, because they have many, many different theme, and since they are tribe, you can paint them just about any color you want, with warpaints and whatnot. Orcs are also usually the most converted army after Chaos, so you can really do whatever you want if there's ever a model you do not like (chariots, for example)

For the gamer, Orcs and Goblins are the most random army possible. You basically have 1/6 chance that each turn your plan get thrown in the toilet because of dice. They are not the strongest army, but with a careful list making, and perfect playing, its possible to do something good with them, just don't expect to have an easy game against top tier armies.

Hellpit Abomination by Jarrett

For the painter, Skaven are a patience test. You literally need to paint hundreds (notice the "S") of rats that just look oh so boring to paint. There are some interesting effect possible with the warp stone glow, but the sheer number of models required should scare just about anyone.

For the gamer, skaven is the master of tricks. Doomrocket, dreaded 13th, brass orb, they got a trick for just about any army. Sad thing is that once they run out of tricks, their combat prowess are non-existent, save for a few select units.

The Empire
Halbardier by Gwinn
For the painter, Empire are an army of many with the advantage of having many theme. You can say an army come from just about any part of the world and paint them accordingly. You also have access to cavalry and infantry, allowing you to paint whatever you want.

For the gamer, Empire are one of the best army to use synergy between either units or characters and units. They have access to the best warmachine available (cannon and hellblaster, babysitted by Engineer), and one of the best Monstrous Cavalry.

Tomb Kings
Tomb Guard By Rafal Maj
For the painter, you need to like painting bones, and gold... again and again and again. Whatever you pick, there'll be bones and gold to paint. The good news is that since they are pretty much all bones, its pretty easy to modify the model ; not much sculpting required.

For the gamer, Tomb Kings are one of the weakest army right now. Games Workshop basically failed at making them an army that never truely dies. Instead, they die, and never come back.

Vampire Counts
Vampire Lord by Litospher
For the painter, Vampire Counts is an interesting choice, with lots of gore, and random bits allowing you to paint them whatever color you want, just like Empire. After all, a ghoul can come from any part of the world, as well as the ennemy fighting them. If you're into horror movies or horror settings, this army could be the best pick for you.

For the gamer, Vampire is what Tomb King should of been ; No matter how many you kill, as many may come back from the graves. The sad thing about this is that the army is heavily dependant of magic, so you can't base your game strategy on coming-back-before-you-get-destroyed tactics. Also, the blender lord is so common, people usually know how to easily counter Vampires.

Warrior of Chaos

Chaos Sorcerer by Ana
For the painter, Warrior of Chaos are just like Daemon of Chaos ; with four gods, you have a lot of different choice to pick from. Warriors might be a bit more bland compared to Daemons, but they are still a good challenge for any painter out there.

For the gamer, Warrior of Chaos are on top of the food chain. Their Daemon Prince is, well, stupidly good, Mark of Nurgle on Warriors is simply over the top, and unkillable Lords are just that, unkillable. The simpliest point and click army there is.

Wood elves

 Highborn by Dmitriy Medvedev

For the painter, Wood elves are all about hippies, trees, love everyone and die trying and grass. If you like green (or autumn color), this is the best army for you. The model are a bit outdated, but an update is due this year.

For the gamer, wood elves are like Beastmen ; most tournament give them extra points, and still, nobody plays them. They might become competitive once their new books come out, but until then, stay away.

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