Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goal for 2014

2014 is less than 24 hours old, and its time to set myself some goal. Last year goal were far from completed, with a mediocre 29% success rate.

This year, i'm gonna focus on what i really want to accomplish, instead of just aiming at completing everything under progress...

To me, its do or die this year with warmachine.
#1 Play at least 1 game this year with my Trollblood. It's not much, but its just a goal to ignite the flame again.
#2 Resist buying any new models. With Cryx starter box in my hand, hard to resist... but i must.

With the recent rumor of 9th ed around the corner (yes, i know, it might not happen), i think 2014 is gonna be big for me.

Dark Elves
#3 Finish painting 2500 pts for ND Open VI. Shouldnt be too hard, already have roughly 70% done.
#4 Finish painting presentation tray for ND Open VI. A bit more challenging, since i need to paint 3 building.
#5 add 500 pts painted to my initial roster. A monster? A dragon? who knows.
#6 Play at least 5 games before ND Open VI with my final roster. I need to play test, learnt it the hard way with my Daemons.

#7 Just. Play. Them. Play at least 6 games this year with them. My first love fell from grace, i need to give them some love.
#8 Paint or build a new model to add to the roster. My BSB is broken in pieces.
#9 Refresh some of the older model. Especially my first Bulls, which i'm ashamed to play with now.

#10 start building/painting my 2500 pts army for 2015. One model already built, 100+ more to go.
#11 Convert at leasts 2 monsters/big models for the army. It's gonna be a big converted army, so i need to start early.

#12 Finish building my Daemon Prince. About 50% done?
#13 Finish painting my Daemon Prince. Airbrush for the most part, with some work similar to what i'm doing with my Horses.

Feels a bit bad about havin g a nearly completed Grey Knight army fully painted, but never having played a single game with them yet.

Grey Knights.
#14 Finish building a 2000 pts army
#15 Play them. There's a campaign going on in Q1 that i'd like to participate, but i doubt i will. So i'll just aim for 3 Games.

#16 Paint 2 building.
#17 Build 2 craters.

#18 Post. Last year i had above 60 post, but went months without a single post. This year, my goal is to get a post out at least twice a month.

18 Goals. Once again, aiming for 60% or 11 goal achieved. Should be doable, even if i hit a wall at some point and don't wanna play anymore (like it will most likely happens the month or two before the new version...)

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