Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Warlocks ; DONE!

Finally finished my Warlocks last night. Ok, ok, i have to admit, they aren't 100% finished, as i still need to figure what i want to do with the front plate, but they are painted tabletop standard.

I obviously still need to find out how to do the bases, but i should have that figured out this weekend when i'll try casting my first batch of Resin. If it works like i'm hoping it will, i should have some lightly tinted blue transparent ice to use on my base by sunday.

For now, lets see what i achieved with the 10 of them ;
10 of them. Completed except for the horse front armor, which i have no clue what to do with

The white is imho really nice, contrast well with the dark horse, and the blue used on weapon and rider skin. Horse could use a bit more work, but i'm affraid to add more color by painting small details here and there. I don't necessary want those details to pop.

Layering at its best. I know thinning my paint would make the transition smoother, but this is already taking forever...

Those weapon were very fun to paint, first because they are somewhat big, and because they have some nice curve and edge to them allowing me to use my "NMM" technique with ease. I don't think it'll be for everyone, after all its very different than what we're used to see with other armies, but that's the goal i was aiming for.

I went with alot of dark blue on the skin, going for very light and pure bleached bones. It's a high contrast paintjob that i think helps breaking them from the rest of the army, while using the same skin color. Basically, they are almost magical being, so it only make sense that they arent 100% like the rest of the army.

Quick comparison between the two paintjob. Still look like troops from the same army, right?

Next post should be an update of what i completed so far with some close up shot. I just realized that i never got around to show my sorceress finished, nor a group shot of my 20 impossible-to-rank Witch Elves.

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