Friday, 31 January 2014

Peg Master ; because every dark elves player need a crazy guy on a flying horse.

At first, i have to say, i didn't want to have a Master on Dark Pegasus... the idea behind that mobile hero hunting warmachine wasn't really appealing to me. After playing a few games with my Dark Elves, i quickly realized that one of my biggest weakness was definately cannnon and hellblaster, so i had to do something about it.. There's a few choice possible, one being magic, one Reaper Bolt Thrower, another target saturation, and the last one, a Peg Master.

I don't like... no, i HATE the current RBT model, and the very old one (with wheels) is pretty hard to come by, so i decided to settle on the Peg Master. Since there is no model, i went and built myself one.

Part used ;
Horse from the Dark Elves Chariot. This one was a no brainer, since he had no leg attached, was a piece of cake to build a rider for him.
Wings are from a Bretonnia Pegasus Knight.
Rider Legs are from the Bretonnia Pegasus Knight
Riders body/cloak is from the Dark Elves Chariot.
Spear from the Dark Elves Chariot
Shield from the old Dark Elves Warrior i believe (have a few sprue of them, not sure which Dark Elf model i got it from)
Head is from Dark Rider Box.

In the end, all i really needed was a Bretonnia Pegasus Knight, and left over bits from a chariot and Dark Rider. He's even WYSIWYG!

The cloak was a requirement to me, since, lets face it, no Peg Master would leave home without a Sea Dragon Cloak, and that cloak is just too nice to pass on.

Spear was an easy fit, all i had to do is trim a bit of the shoulder, and build a lower part of the arm.

I'm definately considering building myself another one after March, possibly this time with Vampire Count's wings...

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