Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dark Elves, 2500 pts list

Now that my Warlock and Dark Rider are nearly finished, its time to think about what i want to build/paint next to have my 2500 pts ready.

Instead of going the route i used since the book was released (sorc lvl4, block of witches+Cauldron, 2 Kharybdiss, etc), i decided to go a different route, and aim at something a bit different ; A dragon list.

Yes, a dragon list. To give you an idea, last tournament, i played 3 empire player in 3 games, faced 5 cannon, 4 hellblaster, and overall, had ALOT of problem with gunline type list. So why a dragon? Because i never played with one. Ever.

Dreadlord on Black Dragon 548 pts
Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Lance
Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Other Trickster's Shard

1+ armor rerollable with a 4+ Wardsave. On the charge, he's a decent killer, and after that, i got to count on the dragon to kill armor. Goal is to get him hidden behind house and such until the time is right to get a charge, or just rush him ahead of there's no cannon/hellblaster.

Death Hag on Cauldron of Blood 350 pts
Battle Standard Bearer,
Obsidian Blade

Obsidian blade because i don't want to be bugged down by 1+ armor, and BSB because i can't afford a Master just to hold a banner. I find it risky to roll a BSB on an easy target like that, but hey, my general is riding a dragon!!

Master on Dark Pegasus 186 pts
Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Lance
Cloak of Twilight

The runner. The guy who gets things done. Goal is pretty simple ; kill warmachine, harass behind ennemy line, and overall, be a 186 pts PITA.

33 Witch Elves 408 pts
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer
Banner of Swiftness

The only thing i'm unsure about them is the banner of swiftness. I used to use the Razor Standard, but soon realized that its pointless to have AP against 1+ armor cavalry (which is my army bane).

2x 5 Dark Riders 220 pts
Repeater Crossbows, Shield

Because no Dark Elves army should leave home without them, Dark rider are in. i kind of wanted to go with 3 units, but decided instead to go with Crossbows and a few more witches.

26 Executionner 342 pts
Draich Master, Musician, Standard Bearer

26 isnt much. I actually like to have them an even number, like 30. Sadly, i have to cut some pts, so they're the first one to go.

Bloodwrack Shrine 175 pts

Goes with the Executionner, making the unit much, much bigger. The stare is very nice, and the fact they gain a Ld points is nothing to sneeze at. With that, i can put them far away from the BSB without fear.

2x5 Doomfire Warlocks 270 pts
Master of Warlocks

Champion is really just there because i need a command model to grab objective, so its basically 20 pts wasted. Warlock are my only caster in the unit, which means i have just 1 debuff and 1 magic missile... nothing else. It sure gonna make it alot more challenging, and i'm up for that!

So here's my 2500 pts list. I should be trying it out this weekend, where we have a 3 games tournament.

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