Sunday, 19 January 2014

Games Workshop's Stock problem ; lets stop scaring the childrens.

Ok, for the past week, everyone been trying to analyze Games Workshop recent financial report, and predict Warhammer Fantasy and 40k future from those numbers ; Some crazy rumor such as Games Workshop dropping a few armies, up to cancelling Fantasy all together.

Yes, Games Workshop revenue are down. Yes, their stock took a nose dive, but they're still making profit, and lets just not consider them done until they actually put the lock on the door.

Recently, everyone is trying to become a financial analysist, or an expert at business growth. Most of us aren't.

Out of all the defeatist stuff i've read, there's at least a few posts that actually make us believe the end of the world isn't here yet.  Obviously, i'm not a broker nor do i work for Games Workshop, so i have no clue what the future is about, but i'd like you guys fearing the wolf to take a deep breath and read this ;

A few interesting things there ;

First, IP didn't really bring much this year. Did you see any big video game release? Anything not mini related that could bring extra revenues like previous years? I didn't, and pretty sure you didn't either.

Second, we have to keep in mind, warhammer isnt the only pastime for most of us, and with the recent release of the PS4/Xbox One, this can explain a bit of a drop as well. I didn't buy either of them, but if i did, that's easily an extra 500$ not spending on warhammer. A million dollars, that's only 2000 person buying Xbox instead of miniatures.

Third, i'll just let you read and think about this ;
No he's right, this basically happens every year when GW announces that they're going to miss an earnings target (which they basically do every Jan).

In 6 month, if their stock take another nose dive, i'll reconsider my position on this, but for now, unless you're in Game Workshop office working out with their number and plans for future, let's not call them dead just yet.

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