Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 1 of 30 left

So the race is finally on. I knew it would come to this. It's easy to say "ah, i'll paint tomorrow instead" when there's still many months left, but now, i have one month left to paint ;

10 Witches
25 Executionner
1 Shrine
1 Peg Master
Finish base + Presentation tray.

Sound like a big job, but i have a plan!

Today, the goal i had was to paint hair and boots on my witches. Not much, but still roughly a 3 hours job. Yes, i'm slow like that.

Pretty pretty ladies... oh i can't wait to be done painting thou!

Some would say, "but there's 11 of them there, and a medusa!"

Obviously, i have a plan, but any shortcut i can use, i will. For example ; painting Hellebron with the Witches. She'll need more attention later, but for now i can paint her with the rest. The Medusa, it's really just because i started painting her with blue i had left on my airbrush, and been keeping her on the paint table since then. And since witches are the last model i have with alot of skins, there's no better time to paint her.

On the pretty lady medusa, i decided to again reuse color i already have in my army

Skin is exactly the same color as the rest of the army. It's not really medusa (i think), but its definately make her more part of the team. The Snake part of her body is a relatively quick airbrush job, which will be brough to life when i start painting the blood... Still undecided if i want to paint her a white snake on her head , like my witches have a bunch of purple hair over white.

So that's it for tonight. Tomorrow ; Metal... oh metal, i hate you. My goal tomorrow is to at least have the basecoat done on all models for metals, and maybe start the knee pad.

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