Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 11 of 30 left

Wh... what? 5 days. Yes, 5 days spent sleeping and snooring and waking up feeling like i just kissed papa nurgle armpits... The flu, the great big f*'n flu took a week out of my schedule, and pushed me way behind on target.

The good news, i did manage to get somethign done, between a few dose of NyQuil, random pills, and tissue box.

First thing i managed to do, is finished glueing my Witch Elves to their base. About that, let me tell you a little story ;
Not so long ago (2009?) in 7th ed, when i started playing warhammer, i went with Ogres. Back then, they were bad, really bad, and i was too, so it was allright. At some point, i went with Dark Elves, to learn to win. Then, i met my first hate ; Corsairs. The model was nice. Their stats were somewhat nice, but ranking them...

Simply put, no matter what i did pre-game, after first turn, it always looked like a big pile of turd. Needless to say, as soon as i could, i stopped playing them and they been shelved since. I heard there's some magic trick to help rank them properly, but i'm too annoyed with them to care...

Here comes, exhibit #2 ; Witch Elves.

I knew i was in for a challenge. First, each one of them is jumping off something, and since there's only 5 models, that's a whole lot of exactly the same ruins. To fix that (and to attach my models to the base i made for them), i had some cutting to do.

Oh the carnage!

It wasn't fun, but it had to be done. I did promise myself that i wouldnt make such complicated base for my executionner. They'll be the same, but less crack and uneven surface...

The final product. All its missing is blood... if i have time?

The hardest part wasnt glueing them to the base, it was actually have them fit all together. For some unknown reason to me, Games Workshop always seems to want you to play some advanced Tetris game when it come times to rank models.

5 ranks of pure fun, with the 10 thousands cuts brides.

In the end tho, it still look likes ranks... i guess that's a start.

What is that grey thing stuck to my boots?

Sadly, i had to cheat, alot. Still unsure what i'll do about this... maybe cover it in snow, maybe just leave it as is. I really have no clue.

And lastly, you know when you purchase cheap ass ikea or similar chair/bed/bookcase, and you end up with leftover, wondering if it's supposed to be this way? I had to look twice, to realize, Hey! i made an extra!

I'm sure you'll haunt me in my dreams....

I still have plans to make some more works on my model tonight, hopefully start basecoating the executionner metal (cloth is done), and finish glueing the cavalry to their base...

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