Monday, 10 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 12 of 30 left. Part 1 (lets hope for a Part 2!)

And i'm back at painting my executionner, with a stuffed nose, and a severe  desire to go curl in a corner and sleep.

Today's goal is to finish all basecoat on metal, and start/hopefully finish the armor, leaving me with the weapon, and random bits tomorrow and wednesday. I want to be able to start on the shrine before friday, so its a very tight schedule. Will i sleep this week?

I started the day with a mess of a desk.

See those 3 dudes on the tray? those where the only one i managed to basecoat before colapsing last night

I can feel the pressure of time, but on the other hand, that's the only way i can paint quick. I had the same problem with my Nurgle Carnival army last year, and this year is no different. Sure, i could of painted back in november, or even december, but nah, lets wait until february, with only a month left, to finish the rest of the army.

So my desk is basically filled with executionners, with cape painted, chainmail somewhat painted, and nothing else. My goal is simple ; paint them up!

I timed myself, and it took roughly 6 minutes to basecoat each of them. Since i'll need two coat, its 12 minutes. 25 models, that's 300 minutes, so 5 hours. FIVE hours to paint them a color i'd like to call "Plastic Grey".

I started at 9:30, and at 12:15, here's what my desk looked like ;

So nicely ranked... almost makes me want to hug them.

BAM! 25 executionner basecoated. In a few i'll start the second layer, and hopefully do the armor tonight.

Sad news is i think i was a bit too excited with the brush, and i think i finally killed my beloved Winsor&Newton Series 7 Size 0 Brush.....

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