Monday, 3 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 5 of 30 left

Day 4 is nearly over. I had some catch up to do since i couldnt prime my Executionner last night due to time, so i spent a good 6 hours finishing my witches, painting the remaining bits on my Dark Rider, and Priming my Executionner. I even took some extra time to finish my Dark Rider completely and glue the shield and Xbow to their side.

Once that was done, i did some work on my bases, and added snow to my Witche's and one unit of Dark Rider. With a good coat of gloss, i'm pretty happy with the final result of those bases. It's miles from what i was aiming at at first, but i think its very different, and goes well with my color scheme...

Excuse my crappy cellphone picture, my wife (or me, but i rather blame the wife) lost our camera charger....

Obviously, bases arent finished yet ; i still need to clean them up, and paint their side, but i'm waiting until everything is completely dry before doing anything more to the base. I somewhat hope people will still understand what my bases are, and not just think those are blue rocks on snow....

From the picture you can also notice i glued the crossbow to the horse side. That has to be the worst thing to glue in this army. No matter how you try, it never seems to fit. I had maybe 2 that went well out of the ten i glued.

The shield are from old sprues, i think warriors. I wante to use those as they are flat, compared to the one that come in the box which has a bird on it. I wanted flat surface for either freehands, or at least to be "neutral". I simply don't like that my whole army all have different iconography on their shield.

Annnnd, still undecided on that front plate. I think i'll just keep them gray and say fuck it. Maybe i'll add blood spatter, as if they were using it to ram into infantry.

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