Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 15 of 30 left, Part 1

Tonight, i'm decided ; i'm finishing the sword on my executionner. Started a bit late, but i'm determined to be done before i go to bed, even if i get to sleep really, really late.

First thing i did is add the two command model to the "finished" bunch....

Hopefully, they'll all look like that when i go to sleep

I can almost feel it ; they are nearly done.... but then, i look at the other side of my working place and i see this ;

So, so many of them....

It look nice and all, but i KNOW that the other side of their sword isnt painted... that's what i have left to do tonight.

So another update later tonight with the finished swords.... maybe even more, if i'm fast enough (but its already 10:45 pm, so lets not get my hope up).

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