Monday, 10 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 12 of 30 left. Part 2


feeling better (already!) and decided to get ride of those executionner before they get the best of me, i found a new approach to the scary progress that is painting the armor ; doing one part at a time, on each models.

for this, i decided to start with the easiest, and most apparent part ; the shoulderpads.

First, there was many, many of them....

So the works continued a good part of the night on the executionner. in all, i think i spent roughly 6 hours on them today, not a bad day. Obviously, again, i didn't get exactly to where i wanted to, but i still managed to get alot done. In the picture above, you can see the shoulderpad shaded. Doesn't look like much, but i used glaze to get that effect, which is very, very time consuming. The final is pretty nice, i get a decent transition in color on most of them.

Once that was completed, i started on the rest of the armor...

This neighborhood doesnt look too safe...

I managed to get 8 done. Again, only shading, but i'm not planning to highlight much of the front armor.

Very hard to see, but there is shade and highlight behind all that flare..

Back is pretty the same thing. Did spend some extra time shading them a bit more, since this part isnt obscured by anything.

So there it is for tonight. I did get some more work done (namely ; attaching Dark Riders and Warlocks to their base), but that will be for another update.

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