Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 24 of 30 left

Peg Master done! Thank god.

He still needs a base, but i don't care, i still can call him finished! Pretty happy with the final result, considering he took me roughly 6 hours today to paint. Pictures after the breaks...

Horse was really interesting ; the chariot horse are alot more "damaged" than Dark Rider's... Still undecided if i'll go over it's scars to gloss them up or not....

My Dark rider's Shield were airbrushed, and i wanted roughly the same shield as them... i think i did an okay job wet blending it... its obviously not perfect by any means, but still decent enough.

Scales... one of the reason i wanted to start lizardman ; i love painting scale individually. i think it look awesome, even if you're not perfect, and it doesnt really take that long.

A somewhat failed attempt at showing how i painted the feathers.... basically, i shaded them like my horse, and then highlighted with grey and light grey... Doesn't really look dark, but it fits pretty well with the rest of the horse.

Tomorrow ; building its base, painting the shrine keepers, and hopefully starting on the buildings....

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