Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 14 of 30 left, and an army shot.

Tonight is gonna be brief, because i didn't paint much, and i want to get to bed early.

I started on the Executionner sword. Started. I did a whole 5, one of which has no sword (musician). Still, i started, and that's something. I know how they look, i know how to make them, now tomorrow, i need to finish them.

Test blade i did first.

Obviously, nothing is ever as simple as it looks. I though they were simple double blade sword.... WRONG!. There's a flat spot on each of them, so i had to somewhat improvise. I'm pretty happy with the result, even if i have no clue what i'll do with the hilt...

The completed work tonight

It's a very slow process, but i think it looks nice. The white really made the lower armor pop. I love it.

Hopefully, i'll manage to keep the outside edge painted all the same side for everyone.

And my complete army as of earlier tonight ;

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