Monday, 3 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 4 of 30 left

Once again, report for my day/night of painting.

Today i decided to spend some quality time with two of my daughters, so i didn't get to do anything until they were in their bed, so basically, while everyone was watching a very, very boring superbowl, i was painting dark elves.

I'm happy to say they are about 95% done, with just some small parts missing, that i usually just basecoat purple, so tomorrow they should be completely done in a matter of an hour or so.

Hellebron, her 10 friends, and the medusa are pretty much done. The witch are done exactly like the rest, so they should fit in pretty easily.

Hellebron is a pretty nice lady. It was a walk in the park to highlight her armor, and i think it came out very nice. I'll most likely end up doing a small freehand on the bottom of her dress, but for now she's staying as is.

So my goal for today is almost finished. I wanted to prime my executionner as well, but i ran out of time, so i'll prime them tomorrow. The medusa and witches should be finished tomorrow too, and hopefully starting to glue them to their base. Or at least finish their base.

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