Friday, 14 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 16 of 30 left

2 weeks left. only two weeks. So it's time to get the pedal to the floor and paint Faster!

Tonight i spent a good chunk of the night painting details on my Executionner, and started building the Shrine.

What i did tonight ;
Basecoat the mask
paint the skin in the back of the head
soften up the color on the hilt, where the blade joined.
highlighted the hilt
Painted the shoulder cloths.
Started on black cloth, but only managed to do 4 before calling it.

That's the four i managed to nearly complete. what i have left to do ;
Finish the black on the 21 others.
Paint the boots!
Paint the cloth around the chainmail
Shade the mask

Once that's done, that's it! Then i only need to paint my Shrine and my Peg Master...

Very blurry picture of the current state of my executionner.

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