Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 22 of 30 left

Got to say, i'm very happy with my night. In roughly 4 hours i managed to basically complete about 90% of my Shrine. Still some bits to do, and the crew, which i completely forgot, but i'm well on time.

Hopefully tomorrow i finish it, and start working on my Peg Master.

For now, pictures!

As she currently stand

So tonight i finished the metal, the wheels, the stairs and glued everything together..

Still need to do ;
snakes in front
some white edge highlight
blood on Medusa
Spikes around the stairs

A pretty big list, but its all small thing that take little time.

I think i'm getting better at this!

I wouldn't say this one really went faster, because its still a model that took me over 20 hours, but it did feel fast. Maybe its because i did one exactly like that not so long ago...


What i'll pratically see... all weekend, in 8 days.... hopefully, my opponent do not see too much of it's back.

Two Towers! Hoes before Bros... or something really fishy is going on there....

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